Home Again

Well, Dear Friends, I am back home! It was so nice to get a chance to visit with friends and family - some of whom I have not seen since my sister Julie's wedding ten years ago! I wish I'd had more time to sit and chat and catch up on all of the events of their lives in the past ten years. I did get the opportunity to spend a lot of time with family. We even stayed an extra day and drove through the night to get home. I met my three year old nephew for the first time, as well as my most recent brother in law and sister in law (both very nice additions to the family, I might add!).

Overall, it was a nice trip. My husband and I joked about the driving being the only bad thing about travelling. "They came up with tele-porting thirty years ago on Star Treck," someone quipped, "How come we have not been able to figure that out yet?"

I had to agree that we would do a lot more traveling if it was as simple as that! In fact, I wouldn't even have to pack - I'd just go back and forth to my closet (or my sisters' closets)!

We got back in time to have breakfast with John's family on Monday and spend the day with them before coming home to get ready for an ordinary week.

My new little daycare child started coming on Tuesday and it seems to be going well. He is a tiny boy, too - the same age as Aiden - so he is adjusting appropriately.

Thank you for your prayers for safe travel - especially since my husband spent two very long days that ended in long driving nights. Thank you for all of your prayers - both for my trip, and for my daycare.

Love, Latisha


Aaron said...

Johns such a trooper! That is one LOOONG drive. Of course, it has been 16 years since I have done it....as a passenger.

Latisha said...

Don't ask him to go anywhere for a while! The other night he was watching Ice Road Truckers and said, "The idea of sitting and driving that long makes me sick to my stomach right now." He handled it very well, though.

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