Top Mommy Blogs!

Good afternoon, Dear Friends!
I have some good news. My blog has been accepted to  Top Mommy Blogs!
You can click on the button every time you visit my blog page -this gives me more exposure on their main webpage. Feel free to check out any other blogs on the site while you are there (they are not all Christian).

You might also notice new features on my blog page such as a listing of the most viewed posts. You can also subscribe to new posts by email!

I hope you are having a great day.


~~~~ said...

Yeah! Tried to locate you to vote, but could not! SORRY! Will keep trying! =)

marlene said...

That's great! I enjoy your writing so much. God bless you and yours. Marlene

Confessions of a Martha said...

Bec, If you click on the button on my blog page, it automatically votes! Thanks so much!

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