Why ME?

We spend a lot of time asking this question when things are not going our way.

"Why ME?" we wonder as we lose our house to foreclosure, our car is totaled in an accident, or our children become lost in a world of drugs.

Sometimes we even ask, "Why ME?" when God calls us to serve Him in a less than comfortable way.

One day I heard someone on the radio say, "Why NOT me?" All of these things are opportunities for my personal growth, and all offer ways to strengthen my relationship with God.

This does not really make me WANT to be uncomfortable, yet it does put my puny struggles into perspective.

I mean, after all, what if MARY had said "Why me?" instead of "Let everything be done to me just as You have said."

What a difference a little bit of perspective can make!

Lord, even if I am not willing to say Why NOT me, I am willing to have my heart be made willing!


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