I think I'm in Like!

I like my husband. Yes, of course I love him. I mean I like him. I think that it is very unfortunate that there is a lot of like missing in marriages these days - and it has not always been in mine. Early in our marriage we read The Five Love Languages and it did not take me long to figure out that we have very different ways of showing love. I have spent a lot of time being offended at things that he did.

Things he did not do.

Things that he said.

Things he did not say...

I tried explaining, giving him lists, and even pouting to get him to speak my love language, but he just does not speak it!

I wasted too much time with hurt feelings.

One day I began to realize that it might not be his problem - it might be mine! I had not seen that I was not speaking his language either, and he was hurting, too. I started to make an attempt to become "bilinguil." I have to admit, there is much room for improvement for me at speaking his language - but I am learning to understand it when he "speaks" it. I am learning that when we drive seperately and he follows me at my conservative speed instead of going on ahead, or when life gets crazy and he does the dishes or cleans the bathroom (I would never aks him to do  such an undesirable task - he just does it. In fact, I have never had to scrub the lime off of the shower doors in our entire marriage!) he is showing his love and concern for me.

I was thinking about this the other night as I sat cross legged on the bed nursing a sick baby to sleep and chatting with him as he ironed his own shirts. What a great guy!

Perfect? Of course not! But a really good catch.

I am glad that I started catching on to this before I really blew my marriage. I would certainly hate to loose such a great guy because I was too selfish or blind to see the possitive while I was busy dwelling on the negative.

Yes, there are days that I still don't like him - and I could pretty much gaurantee that on those days he does not like me either - but most of the time, I think what we have is pretty great.

I am definitely in like!


December Dreamers said...

I think I am in "like" too! What is even better is that I think Anthony is in "like" with me!

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