God is my Interior Designer

The subject of making the home a haven has been coming up a lot in recent conversations.
A friend asked me (because I am a “Martha”) if I could help her organize her kitchen. She said that she has had to buy new things because she cannot find what she needs when she needs it. She wants her kitchen to work for her.
My sister told me that her New Year’s resolution is to be more intentional about the things she puts in her home – not just a picture here and a vase there to fill a blank spot – but things that she actually likes.
A few days later my sister-in-law said that she has a desire to make her home more comfortable…
and functional – like mine!
That last conversation got me thinking, and I realized something – I cannot take the credit for my home because God has always been my interior designer!
I know that sounds kind of odd, so let me explain.

We started out as missionaries, now we have a large family. We have never had much extra cash for “frivolous” things like decorating, so we have just “made do” with hand me downs –
Three-fourths of a beautiful dining room set forgotten in the attic of a house we rented (taken with permission, of course!)…
A colorful antique glass lamp that sat on someone’s screened in porch for so long that the dust masked it’s beauty…
A pair of dressers from Irwin Lutzer’s basement…
An ornate antique organ from somebody’s garage…
We’ve inherited various nick-nacks, tables and chairs, beds and dressers; from garage sales and garages, friends and neighbors.
Cast-offs to them, but blessings to me.
When we bought our historical home about ten years ago, our friends joked with us about playing basketball in the large, empty rooms, but over the next few years the rooms began to fill with beautiful and functional things. Curtains, wallpaper, pictures, lamps – everything gradually came into line - often at little or no expense (though not always on my time-table!)
God was clearly looking out for me.
But Why?
Why would the God of the universe care about the comfort, functionality and beauty of my home when He has so many big things to worry about – like wars and famines, starvation and earthquakes.
v  It is because He cares about me! He is my loving Father and desires to give me good gifts (Luke 11:9-13, James 1:17).
v  He is Beauty (Psalm 27:4; 90:17; 96:6) and has put the desire to be surrounded by beauty in our hearts – that is one of the reasons that we long for Him.
v  He is keenly aware of what is in our hearts (Genesis 6:5, 1 Samuel 16:7) so, not only does He see all of the wickedness, but He also sees the passion – our interests, our secret dreams, our likes and dislikes, and His love motivates Him to give us those desires (Psalm 21:2; 37:4).
I had another opportunity to see His design work during our most recent move. Last Spring a friend’s teenage daughter redecorated her bedroom and took it from “tweeny” to “grown-up” so my daughters inherited her old, brightly colored bedspreads. When my husband and I saw this house for the first time (months later) I was shocked to see that one of the bedrooms was painted in neon green and sky blue – the exact same colors as the bedspreads!

What a great opportunity to teach my daughters this special thing about God!
He sees your heart, too. He knows what you like and His love motivates him to fulfill the desires of your heart. Give Him a call and allow Him the opportunity to fit you into His design schedule – you’ll be amazed at His work!


Aaron said...

Decorating the house tends to over abuse the pocket book. Before tearing the bathroom arpart i didnt think about the things that well were going to have to be on top of the new paint. Not to mention my lack of plannning. I think this might be a vanderzon things. But i am not sure.

Cynthia said...

Reading this reminded me of 10 CENT a yard upholstery fabric at the store, gifts of wallpaper, discarded paint from Heritage---so many ways the Lord has provided for our decorating. And all in the colors that I love and feel comfortable with. He is a pretty good decorator!!

Stacey Lang said...

I believe in God's creativity because He was able t design the universe packed with all the beauty and wonders that we human beings are enjoying. Anyway, as an experienced interior designer Adelaide here, I must say that we were able to look at every client's project from another point of view and unlock dozens of possibilities that he would never have thought of.

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