Sick Week

Oh, how I have missed you, Dear friends!

This week has been cRaZy! Last Wednesday, Tiny woke up during the night with a fever. That was the beginning of "sick week." I spent the next six days and nights sitting on the couch with him to the exclusion of everything else. If you had stopped by, I would have been mortified since my house was a shambles all week.

Because he got whooping cough when he was one month old, everytime he gets sick with a little cold now, it always settles in his lungs and turns into something more serious. This time it was a touch of RSV along with a double ear infection. He was not the only one. Brown-eyed-girl was home sick all last week. Livy-luv also had it. In fact, she woke up at five in the morning on Sunday complaining of ear pain. Even an hour after Tylenol, she was still inconsolable so my husband "threatened" to take her to the doctor and she accepted. She would not let him take her in her jammies - who goes out in their jammies! She had to wear "bye-bye" clothes. He dressed her and set her on the couch next to me then went to warm up the car. When he came back in, she had dozed off! He figured that the meds had finally kicked in, turned off the car, and went back to bed. An hour later she woke up, put on her coat, and walked to the door waiting for her dad to come in and get her. I told her that he was in bed and she was so upset. She could not figure out what had happened!

I planned to take Tiny to the doctor on Monday, but I got stuck in the driveway as I was on my way. "How did you get stuck in the driveway with four wheel drive?" my husband asked when I told him about it later. We don't have deep snow right now like we do some winters. I was simply trying to turn around in the small area that we have shoveled for that purpose, but the children had been playing around there and had left a shovel standing in the snowbank. I knew that the shovel was not in the way, but I could not see it in my mirrors, so instead of following my instinct and backing up like I always do, I went too wide so that one back wheel went over the well-frozen edge of the shoveled area and onto the softer snow on the other side. The other three wheels were on the hard-packed drive way which acted like ice and would give me no traction to drive over the frozen bump.

I put stuff under the back wheel.

No good.

I tried "rocking."

I needed a push - but I was alone!

So I did what any other do-it-yourself country woman would do - I took my life in my hands and tried to push my 3/4 ton truck myself by standing in the open door and pressing the accelorator with my other hand! (Shhh. My hubby doesn't know that I did this. On second thought, don't tell my mom either!)

God, in His Grace and Mercy to me (or to my husband, depending on how you look at it) sent the garbage truck just at that moment. The Sanitation worker saw what I was doing and ran (yes, ran!) down the driveway to help me! He gave me the little push that I needed to be on my way. Thank God for good Samaritans Sanitation workers!

While I was taking Tiny to the doctor, the school called to say that Brown-eyed-girl was in the office complaining of an ear ache, Since they could not get ahold of me, they called my husband who left work and went to school to get her. Imagine my surprise when they pulled into the driveway shortly after I did!

On Tuesday the babies felt better. Yay!!! Despite the fact that I had to pick up Lou-B-Lou from school since he is also sick, I was able to get the main level of my home entirely clean and prepare a meal that did not come out of a box or the freezer. On Wednesday I cleaned the playroom.


What a relief to have everything clean!

It is hard to believe that I have been married to my wonderful husband for that long already, but I am going for fifty years - so I guess that I've just gotten started...

I celebrated my anniversary by leaving my hubby home with the sick babies and taking our daughter to a Secret Keeper Girl event (dealing with dressing modestly and finding our beauty and value in Christ - check out the link in my right sidebar) at a church an hour and a half away. The weather was not good so the roads were a little scary, but everyone made it there and back safely.

Today I am flying a little under the weather. (I would not let my husband kiss me when he left for work, "You don' wan' thiz, Babe!") But I was able to make a "quick clean" of the house and my meat is marinating for supper - so all  is well!

One thing I know for sure - life is much easier when everyone is WELL!

And He said to me, "My grace is sufficient for you, for My strength is made perfect in weakness." Therefore most gladly I will rather boast in my infirmities, that the power of Christ may rest upon me. 2 Corinthians 12:9


luvmil said...

Your recitation on "Sick Week" blessed me. It sounds like Martha has been partaking of that which can not be taken away from her. You so lovingly took care of your family and did not lift up a complaint, but blessed the Lord instead.
Still praying for you: Candy Miller

Aaron said...

I think I would have to have a VERY stern talking to Jill if I found out she was doing the self push method with her car like that! At least he garbage man came to help.

Teresa said...

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vande422 said...

Thank you, Teresa!
my husband was reminding me to be careful about which medicines that I take because my baby is still nursing - in fact that is ALL he did for about six days! I will have to look for that.

Thank you for your kind comments,Candy, though I have to admit that sitting on the couch and watching my house fall into a shambles did not thrill me!

Yes, Aaron, I agree it was not wise. I simply could not figure out what else to do! I hope your precious wife never feels the need to do that!

confessions of a martha said...

Sorry, my son was signed in to Google so it looks like that comment was from him!

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